Plantation Development

The Agro-Business Division of LCDA carries the following activities, namely the development of:

  1. Native Customary Rights (NCR) Land
  2. State Land
  3. Sago Plantation
  4. Food Production Activities


LCDA first got involved in plantation development in 1986 with the development of state land. As to date, the total gross area of state land under development amounts to 238,885 hectares.

Subsequently, in 1996 LCDA was instructed by the State Government to develop NCR land with its first project in Kanowit. Today, the total gross area of NCR land approved for development to date has increased to 554,523 hectares.

Out of the total of 793,408 hectares NCR and state lands, LCDA together with its JV Partners have planted 60,813.58 hectares of land with oil palm. Complementing the plantations, LCDA is having its share with two (2) palm oil mills which can produced over two hundred thousand metric tons of FFB per annum. Furthermore, LCDA's JV Partners in both state land and NCR projects having fourty one (41) matured projects which can produce a total capacity of processing over one (1) million tons of FFB per year.

Besides of this oil palm project, another gross area of 845.75 hectares land has been implemented for food production projects. Also, 15,094 hectares peat land in Mukah is progressively being developed for commercial sago plantation.