Darul Hana, Sg Bedaun housing projects to go on as usual, says assistant minister

KUCHING: The Darul Hana and Sungai Bedaun residential projects will continue as they are not affected by any policy of the new federal government.

According to Assistant Minister of Rural Electricity Dr Abdul Rahman Junaidi, both projects are spearheaded by the state government and thus, they will not be as affected like federal housing schemes such as 1Malaysia People’s Housing (PR1MA).

“Both projects (Darul Hana and Sungai Bedaun) will proceed as usual despite the changes in federal policies,” said Dr Abdul Rahman, who is Pantai Damai assemblyman, in a phone interview yesterday.

It is learnt that Phase I of Darul Hana project is already underway, with the construction of Block 1A and Block 2A involving over 480 housing units – all expected to reach completion in early 2020.

Villagers affected by Phase I are those from Kampung Panglima Seman Lama, Kampung Semarang and Kampung Pulo Ulu.

These three villages are among 12 included under the Darul Hana project, in which the villagers will be resettled in the next 10 to 15 years, over a total of eight phases.

The remaining nine villages are Kampung Boyan, Kampung Gersik, Kampung Surabaya Ulu, Kampung Surabaya Hilir, Kampung Panglima Seman Ulu, Kampung Pulo Hilir, Kampung Bintawa Ulu, Kampung Bintawa Tengah and Kampung Bintawa Hilir.

Meanwhile, the ongoing housing project at Sungai Bedaun is meant to provide the settlement for the extended family members of those affected by the Darul Hana redevelopment.

The site, located near the Santubong bridge along Jalan Sultan Tengah here, sits on a 195-acre land and should be able to accommodate at least 508 units of mixed residential properties for the low-income group as well as those eligible for ‘Housing Project for the Hardcore Poor’ (PPRT).

The Sungai Bedaun project is also expected to reach completion in 2020.