329 NCR landowners receive first dividends under JV programme

SIBU: A total of 329 Native Customary Rights (NCR) land owners from 16 longhouses in Durin received their first dividends of RM450,000 from Ta Ann Pelita Durin Plantation Sdn Bhd yesterday at Rh Monica Gelima, Sungai Durin.

The dividends were given for their participation in a joint venture (JV) programme namely NCR Land Development Project involving the cultivation of oil palm on 902 hectares of land.

“The dividends given to the recipients showed that we always respect our agreement,” said Ta Ann Pelita Durin Plantation Sdn Bhd general manager Simon Ling Yu Kiong.

“We also welcome other interested land owners to join this programme as we are always concerned about the welfare of the local communities there.

“Apart from given the chance to join the programme, participants are also offered job opportunity,” he added.

Also present at the event were Pelita Holdings manager Francis Kiyuk and Area Development Community (ADC) chairman Tr John Ujang.

According to John, participants are given priority to take up jobs under the programme as this condition is included in the agreement. He said before the start of the project, all parties involved attended a meeting to give their views.

“Thus, there is no issue about our land being taken,” he pointed out.