Kpg Hijrah folk’s 40-year wait for land ends

SIBU: The Sarawak government has approved an in-situ resettlement in Kampung Hijrah, putting an end to the 40-year wait for the villagers to own a piece of land.

Assistant Minister of Education, Science and Technological Research Dr Annuar Rapaee announced the good news during a briefing with some 300 villagers here yesterday.

“There are five blocks (of land) in Kampung Hijrah, which are owned by Land Custody and Development Authority (LCDA). The government has agreed for the in-situ resettlement.

“Three of the five blocks (of land) will be given to the people. This is a good move by the government for people to own land. Actually, they have waited nearly 40 years for this,” he said when met after the briefing.

LCDA general manager Datu Sajeli Kipli and Land and Survey Department Sibu superintendant Norlina Raee were also present at the briefing.

“I am very pleased that it has come to this stage where the government has decided for an in-situ settlement in Kampung Hijrah,” added Dr Annuar, who is also Assistant Minister of Housing and Public Health.

He said the area spans about 64ha.

“The three blocks (of land) – A, C and D have 366 lots (altogether), which will be surveyed. Block A has 153 lots, Block C (132 lots), and Block D (81 lots).

“Those who fall in block A or D will be given a lot each in areas that do not belong to LCDA.

“From these 366 lots, 200 lots have houses on them. The remaining 166 lots will be distributed to those in need of it.”

The Nangka assemblyman assured that there would be no relocation for the villagers unless the area has been marked for road construction.

In the event that it does, the affected households will be relocated the nearby three blocks, he said.

He added that more comprehensive and systematic infrastructure could now be worked out for this village.